Lets talk about Property

About us-

We are carzy bunch of eccentric minds who just think, sleep, eat and most importantly TALK property.

All intellactual minds from Indian real estate industry are too busy selling, buying and renting out properties. They are too busy in doing that and normal people like us have no credible source of proper information on Indian Real Estate Industry.

So we have decided to leave those intellactuals make as much money as they wwant and have started this great initiative called which brings to you the up-to-date information on Indian properties and indian real estate industry.

How Can u help us help U-

We can not help you if you want to buy, sell or rent property in any city of India. However we will equip you with all the necessary property related information so that you can take well informed decision of investing your hard earned money into real estate industry of India.

We are in process of developing this site and once we are done we request you to register yourself with us so that we can send you regular information on realty trends, necessary property related documentaion, investment in real estate of India etc.