Allotments of plots lying vacant for 5 yrs in Bengaluru likely to cancelled

Until now, the time period before cancellation for not undertaking construction on BDA sites, was 10 years

BENGALURU: If you have a vacant site allotted by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) five years ago and not started any construction, there’s trouble coming. The BDA on Wednesday issued a public circular stating it would cancel such allotments. “We will initiate action to cancel allotment of land lying vacant for five years, as per Rule 13(7) of BDA (Allotment of Sites) Rules 1984,” the circular said.

Until now, the time period before cancellation for not undertaking construction on BDA sites, was 10 years.

Asked what made the Authority change the term from 10 years to five years, officials said they have not made any amendment to the BDA Act to change the tenure. “The circular is aimed to push site owners to start construction. The lease period for an allotted site is 10 years, even now, as per law. But in most new layouts, owners have not constructed any building. They wait for land prices to soar and after 10 or more years, sell it at a much higher price to builders. We are not informed about the resale. When these areas suffer from shortage of infrastructure and civic services, the development authority is blamed for unplanned growth. Hence, the fresh circular,” said a top official.

However, most engineers and executives in the agency are still unaware of the announcement and said there will be another legal hassle if they decide to cancel allotments straightaway. Asked whether they are ready to cancel allotments, the official said, “We cannot really cancel allotments. Through this announcement, we want to pressure owners of vacant lands to start construction or inform us they don’t want to own the land anymore or are unable to do so,” he told TOI.

Source: ET Realty


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