Realty tycoon Donald Trump targets to raise $10 million

The mass email seeking funds was sent by his son Eric Trump, who described it as the most ambitious fundraising campaign yet.

WASHINGTON: The campaign of Donald Trump, presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican party, has set a target of raising another $10 million by the month end, according to an email sent today.

Over the last few days, the Trump campaign raised $11 million, it said adding it is working to “shatter records” by raising another $10 million in the remaining four days of June.

The mass email seeking funds was sent by his son Eric Trump, who described it as the most ambitious fundraising campaign yet.

“Hillary Clinton’s campaign machine and her liberal media allies are desperate. First, they claimed we raised too little. Then, when donors like you helped us to raise $11 million in just a few days, they claimed we were lying,” the junior Trump wrote in his first fundraising email.

A real estate tycoon from New York, Donald Trump had self-funded his campaign during the primary elections. He started raising money for the general election in May.

In May, Clinton outraised him. However, Trump argues that he started fundraising only in the last few days of May.

The Trump campaign says its fundraising activities have gained pace this month.

“The truth is we did better than $11 million and no amount of spin from Crooked Hillary’s machine can change that fact. We cannot let them get away with this,” Eric Trump said.

“That’s why we set another Trump-sized goal. We are working to shatter records again this week – by raising another $10 million before the Federal Election Commission’s 2nd quarter fundraising deadline this Thursday at midnight. Afterwards, our results will be covered heavily by the media,” he wrote.

Eric Trump said his father has the vision, determination and tenacity to get great things done for the country – something he’s proven throughout his life and career.

“Donald J Trump is the man our nation needs in the White House at this moment. Please help us make history,” he said.

“No fight is too tough for my father. He had no problem taking on the political establishment to secure the Republican nomination, and now he’s going after Lying Crooked Hillary Clinton in a way that no one has ever gone after her before,” the son said.



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