Noida Authority warns builders to not give possession of flats without occupation certificate

In a notice issued on Wednesday, the Authority’s CEO PK Agarwal has also urged homebuyers to check details of realty projects.

NOIDA: The Noida Authority has warned developers of strict action if they hand over possession of residential units to homebuyers without acquiring the requisite completion certificates in violation of the Noida Building Bylaws 2010 and the UP Apartment Act 2010.

In a notice issued on Wednesday, the Authority’s CEO PK Agarwal has also urged homebuyers to check details of realty projects, which have been granted completion certificates in recent months, on its website, before taking possession of a residential unit from any developer.

“If possession is taken over by them (homebuyers) from builders who do not have the mandatory completion certificates necessary for occupancy, it would be at their own risk and the Authority would not be held responsible for it,” the notice says.

Speaking to TOI, Agarwal said the Authority has received reports that some developers are handing over residential units without obtaining completion and occupancy certificates.

“Undertakings are also being taken from the homebuyers by the builders, after which they are moving into the half-finished buildings. This is a violation of the building bylaws and the UP Apartment Act, which can invite strict action against the builder concerned,” he said.

The CEO added, “Getting approvals is the builder’s responsibility. If a group housing project does not have the prerequisite approvals required for a completion certificate and residents are staying in the units, it could prove to be safety hazard to life and property.”

On those homebuyers who have already moved into their “dream homes” without the required certificates, Agarwal said that “a committee is already in place to conduct concurrent audits of projects”.

“To resolve this issue, we are laying down timelines for the builders to complete all pending works as well as to provide basic amenities, where homebuyers are already residing. But no leniency will be shown in new cases and we will take action,” he added.

Welcoming the move, Amit Modi, vice president, CREDAI (western UP), said “these certificates are mandatory for getting homes registered. In absence of these certificates, one cannot legally possess a house.”




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